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  KB Blocks

The KB Street Hemi is patterned after Chryslerís legendary 426 Hemi, but cast in aluminum and machined to your specifications. The 426 Street Hemi represents a high-water mark in engineering, and the KB Street Hemi refines the concept. The Hydraulic Street Hemi package includes: fully machined block with race-ready honed removable sleeves, main caps, installed cam bearings, special KB head studs and main studs with twelve-point nuts and all necessary hardware.

  • Bore sizes from 
    4.250 to 4.500

  • Deck heights from 10.725- 10.825 

  Stage 15 Hemi Fuel Block
  Race Hemi
  Street Hemi
  Chrysler 440 Wedge
  General Motors
  Gear Drives
  KB Oil Pumps