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The KB Stage 15 Hemi block is the latest designed cast aluminum block intended for nitromethane (except NHRA) and alcohol applications. 

The block uses a unique alloy, specially prepared for Keith Black Racing Engines. 

The Stage 15 block uses a unique alloy that has shown to be stronger than the typical alloy used in other manufactures forged blocks.

Cylinder bores have retained roundness to within .0002” after several runs. The blocks are not only stronger, but also priced well below their forged counterparts. Available in standard wall, thick wall, and solid configuations. All Stage 15 blocks are “made to order.” Please contact KB Racing with your special requirements.

  • Bore sizes from 4.187-4.375

  • Raised cam, water block* standard deck height is 10.725 (available up to 10.825)

  • Head studs available in 9/16” or  9/16” to ½” step stud

All Stage 15 blocks feature billet main caps and 5/8 main studs

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