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A key factor in making reliable horsepower in any engine is the stability of its oiling system. Through exhaustive research and development, Keith Black Racing Engines has engineered the ultimate oil pump for the Hemi engine. KB was there in the beginning, and continues to lead the way with two versions of the KB Ultra oil pump. Whether itís the cast aluminum or the billet version, you can rest assured that your engine has the best in lubrication technology. Keith Black Racing Engines also offers the O-ring kits for the KB Ultra, for either routine maintenance or complete overhaul. In addition to the Ultra oil pump, KB also stocks a side-oiler kit for the Hemi engine.

KB Ultra Oil Pump; cast aluminum. Complete with all fittings

KB Billet Ultra Oil Pump

  • 120 psi @ 7500 RPM

  • Ultra lightweight and strong billet body and cover

  • Each pump is flowed and tested

O-ring kit for aluminum KB Ultra Oil Pump; for complete overhaul

Ĺ O-ring kit for aluminum KB Ultra Oil Pump; for maintenance

O-ring kit for the KB Billet Ultra Oil Pump; for complete overhaul

Ĺ O-ring kit for KB Billet Ultra Oil Pump; for maintenance

KB 71499 
Side Oiler kit KB Hemi; Complete with steel lines and all fittings



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